Zander Barcalow was one of the main characters of Starship Troopers. He served as a pilot aboard the Federation ship Rodger Young and was a rival of film protagonist Johnny Rico, competing for the affections of Carmen Ibanez. He was portrayed by Patrick Muldoon.


Zander was a star Jump Ball player in high school, though his team lost to Johnny Rico's team in their final game. After finishing school, he joined the Federation Fleet Academy and trained to be a pilot, later becoming a flight instructor aboard the Rodger Young. Much to his delight, Carmen had also joined the Fleet Academy and became his student.

Shortly after the Federation's declaration of war against the Arachnids, Zander encountered Rico aboard a fleet battlestation in high orbit above Klendathu. Carmen had recently broken up with Rico over video message and Rico blamed Zander for her decision, attacking him in a fit of jealous rage.

Some time later, Zander and Carmen led the mission to rescue Rico and the Roughneck Squad when the Whiskey Outpost on Planet P was overrun. During the counterattack operation, the Rodger Young is destroyed but Zander and Carmen manage to escape in a life pod. However, they wind up crash-landing in the side of a hill and find themselves inside a Bug nest.


Zander death
Zander and Carmen are captured by the Bugs and brought before a Brain Bug, one of the hive leaders. Zander is brought face-to-face with the creature which extends a spiked appendage from its mouth. Before being killed, Zander threatens that one day someone like him will destroy the Bugs once and for all. The Brain Bug then stabs its appendage through Zander's skull and sucks out his brain.

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