Yoshi Seimenju is a supporting character in the anime OVA Giant Robo: The Night The Earth Stood Still. She is the wife of Taisou and a member of the Experts of Justice. She stands out among her comrades due to her pale-blue skin; it is not clear if this is her actual skin tone or if she wears body paint, but she is human. While Yoshi does not possess any obvious superhuman abilities like the other Experts, she is extremely strong and a cunning warrior.

Japanese Voice: Kazue Komiya

English Voice (Manga dub): Carol Stanzione

English Voice (NYAV dub): Erica Schroeder


Yoshi first appears in the OVA's second episode alongside the mystic Issei as they arrive to protect the Interpol base in Peking from a Big Fire attack. While they manage to save Taisou and fend off Lord Alberto, the base is heavily damaged and many operatives are dead. Under such desperate circumstances, no one can be spared to help Daisaku Kusama, Professor Go, Ginrei and Tetsugyu as they try to take Dr. Shizuma to safety.

Three days later, the Experts travel to Shanghai in order to stop the Eye of Volger. Their plan to immobilize the orb and launch it into space with a magnetic web net fails and they are forced to retreat aboard the airship Greta Garbo, but Yoshi's husband Taisou stays behind in the doomed city to confront Alberto and keep the Eye of Volger contained long enough for Daisaku to recall the damaged Giant Robo and for his comrades to escape.

As the Greta Garbo flees Shanghai's airspace, an intruder alarm is sounded and Yoshi takes command. She orders Daisaku, Ginrei and Tetsugyu to guard the ship's bridge while she and Issei confront the intruder. The intruder is the monstrous, seemingly-invincible samurai Koenshaku who seems to easily ignore Yoshi and Issei's attacks. In order to keep Koenshaku away from the bridge, Yoshi tries to separate the Garbo's aft section. While Koenshaku tries to stop her, Yoshi succeeds, but at the apparent cost of her life.


In the fourth episode "Twilight of the Super Heroes", Yoshi separates the front and back halves of the Greta Garbo while being throttled by Koenshaku. Her death is not confirmed until the next episode "The Truth of Bashtarle" when Tetsugyu investigates the wreckage of the Garbo after it crashes in the Himalayas. All Tetsugyu finds of Yoshi is her broken staff.