This article lists the various background character deaths that occur in X-Men 2.

  • When William Stryker's troops invade the Xavier Institute, one of them attempts to ambush Wolverine in the kitchen. Wolverine manages to push the soldier against the fridge and stab him with his claws.
  • Wolverine walks out into a hallway and stabs two more soldiers.
  • Two soldiers attempt to stun Wolverine as he rushes at them. The stun darts don't work on Wolverine and he slashes the soldiers with his claws.
  • A soldier rounds a corner in a corridor only for Wolverine to stab him in the foot, followed by a stab to the chest.
  • Rogue, Bobby and John are about to flee out the mansion's front door when four soldiers burst in. Before the soldiers can fire on the children, Wolverine jumps off of the upstairs landing and stabs each of the soldiers.
  • Stryker meets with Charles Xavier after the professor has been captured. He tells Xavier about his son Jason and how he resented his parents, blaming them for his mutation. According to William, Jason used his psychic abilities to project horrifying illusions into his parents' minds. Driven mad by the illusions, Jason's mother killed herself by taking a power drill to her skull.
  • Using the liquid iron extracted from Laurio's blood, Magneto escapes from his plastic prison. He creates two solid iron balls and shoots them through the reinforced door, killing two guards.
  • Disguised as Wolverine, Mystique infiltrates Stryker's base. However, Stryker quickly realises that it is an imposter and Mystique escapes custody, easily evading the guards who end up shooting each other whilst trying to shoot her.
  • The soldiers guarding Stryker's Cerebro chamber are all killed when Magneto magnetically pulls the pins out of the grenades on their vests, blowing them all up.

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