This article contains details of the various background character deaths that occur in the 2000 film X-Men.

  • Henry Guyrich - Personal assistant to US senator Robert Kelly. The real Guyrich does not appear at all in the film as he has already been dead for some time. The shape-shifting mutant Mystique killed Guyrich at an unknown point and assumed his identity to get close to the senator.
  • Senator Kelly is kidnapped by the Brotherhood of Mutants and taken to their base. When Kelly regains consciousness, he is bound to a metal chair and finds Toad and Sabretooth watching over him. Kelly is disgusted to watch Toad snatch a live bird off a tree branch with his tongue and eat it in front of him.
  • On the eve of the UN Summit on Ellis Island, the Brotherhood make their move. A guard on the dock is killed when Sabretooth claws him in the back.
  • A boat approaching Liberty Island is hijacked by Mystique who kills its helmsman and assumes his form.
  • Two guards outside the Statue of Liberty are killed when Toad jumps upon them from a high altitude.

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