This article lists the various background character deaths that occur in X-Men: The Last Stand.

  • When Mystique is captured by the Secret Service, Magneto goes to her rescue. Her prison is mobile, but Magneto, with the help of Callisto, tracks down the prison convoy. When he engages the convoy, he uses his magnetic powers to crush the two leading police cars and sweep the back two off the road, killing their occupants. He then detaches the prison trailer from the semi truck and throws the truck up into the air, killing the driver when the vehicle crashes back down to the ground.
  • Earlier, before Magneto attacked the convoy, Mystique vowed to kill the guard watching her. When the prison trailer is brought to a halt, she gets her wish and slips her feet through the bars of her cell, using her legs to snap the guard's neck.
  • A guard survives Magneto's attack on the convoy and shoots Mystique with a gun loaded with needles containing the mutant cure developed by Worthington Labs. Pyro uses his pyrokinetic power to incinerate the guard.
  • Wolverine goes searching for Jean Grey and finds the forest camp of Magneto and his Brotherhood. Several of Magneto's troops try to stop him but he manages to kill three of them while trying to infiltrate the camp.
  • In order to reach Alcatraz Island, Magneto uses his power to shift the position of the Golden Gate Bridge. An unknown number of people die when they plummet off of the moving bridge.
  • When the Brotherhood invade Alcatraz, several of the mutants are depowered by Worthington's cure weapons. At least one mutant may have died when he was cured whilst sticking to the underside of a guard tower platform, losing his adhesive ability and falling to his possible death.
  • Several soldiers are burned by a mutant who breathes hot ashes.
  • Juggernaut knocks down several soldiers as he charges into the facility to find Leech. It is unknown how many, if any, of the trampled soldiers actually die.
  • Magneto starts throwing abandoned cars towards the lab complex and Pyro ignites them to make them explode. Two guard towers are destroyed and an unknown number of soldiers killed.
  • After watching Magneto get depowered, Jean unleashes the full fury of the Phoenix. Her psychokinesis begins to destroy everything and everyone around her, tearing everything apart at the molecular level. Buildings, vehicles and people all violently disintegrate.

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