Bill Farnum

William "Bill" Farnum (portrayed by Brett Rickaby) is a character from the 2010 film The Crazies. He becomes a victim of the Trixie virus, a pathogen created by the US military as a biological weapon that has been inadvertantly released upon the town of Ogden Marsh, Pennsylvania.

Infected by Trixie, Bill is driven into a state of homicidal mania. He locks his wife and son in a closet before pouring gasoline throughout his house and burning it down with his family still inside. Bill is later found by the police mowing his front lawn as his house burns to the ground. He is arrested and locked up in a cell, during which time the virus further ravages his body and mind, leaving him in a feral, zombie-like state.

Following the military quarantine, Sheriff David later escapes from the army's custody and returns to the police station. He finds that Bill is dead in his cell, having apparently been shot by a soldier.

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