Wade Wilson, also commonly known by the codename Deadpool, is a major character from Marvel Comics. Referred to as the "Merc With A Mouth", he frequently makes jokes, bizarre references and generally annoys everyone around him with his constant chatter. Aggravating and seemingly idiotic as he is, Deadpool is a highly skilled mercenary and assassin and has fought both heroes and villains in the comics, usually for money or his own amusement. He has also been known to regularly break the fourth wall in his comic and TV appearances.

X-Men Origins: WolverineEdit

Deadpool 02
In X-Men Origins, Deadpool is portrayed by comedian Ryan Reynolds. His character in the film only shares a few similarities with his comic counterpart: he is a member of Team X, possesses excellent skill in dual swordsmanship, and never shuts up, at least not until after Wolverine leaves the team. Later in the film, Deadpool acquires a variety of different mutant powers that he never had in the comics.

Six years after Wolverine abandoned Team X, Colonel William Stryker begins abducting mutants from all over America for experimentation, hoping to create the ultimate super-soldier: Weapon XI aka Deadpool. Wade Wilson is selected to become this new living weapon and Stryker begins harvesting the X-genes from his mutant captives, hoping to combine them into Wade's body. Initially, Wade only possessed superhuman agility and reflexes, but he is later modified with Wolverine's healing factor, the optic blasts of Scott Summers, and the teleportation ability of John Wraith. Stryker also provides Wade with adamantium implants, including two long blades that extend from his forearms, and installs a control device in his brain. Another result of all the surgeries is that Wade's mouth has been sewn shut.


Weapon XI

When Wolverine attempted to free the mutant prisoners from Stryker's base on Three Mile Island, Deadpool was activated and attacked him. Being used as a mindless killing machine hadn't diminished Wade's combat skills in the slightest and the additional powers he had been granted only made him more dangerous than ever. Wolverine found himself fighting alongside Sabretooth atop the base's silo, but Deadpool was powerful enough to take both of them on at once. However, Wolverine eventually did defeat Deadpool by blocking his optic blasts with his adamantium claws and pushing his way towards his opponent. Wolverine then slashed Deadpool's head off and both Wade's body and severed head tumbled down the inside of the silo. Deadpool's eyes were still firing their destructive beams when his head was severed and as his head plummeted down the shaft, the beams carved through the structure and caused it to collapse.

Although decapitated, Deadpool is revealed in a post-credits scene to have survived his battle with Wolverine. He even breaks the fourth wall in this scene as his eyes shift towards the camera and he whispers a faint "Shhh" to the audience.

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