Viorsa is a minor character who appears in the Star Trek: Voyager episode "The Thaw". He was portrayed by Thomas Kopache.


Viorsa was the planner of a Kohl settlement. When solar flares temporarily disrupted the planet's climate in 2353, Viorsa and four others entered hibernation chambers deep below the planet's surface. The chambers were equipped with a virtual reality environment, allowing the Kohl to keep their minds active during the hibernation and were programmed to wake them in fifteen years to rebuild their settlement. Viorsa recorded a message to warn any visitors not to interrupt their system.

Unfortunately the virtual reality program eventually caused their fears to manifest themselves, taking the form of a malevolent clown. The clown tormented the Kohl for nineteen years, even killing two of them by effectively scaring them to death. The Clown prevented Viorsa and the others from ever leaving the program, knowing that he would cease to exist if they ever did.


When crew members from the USS Voyager attempted to rescue the Kohl from the program, Viorsa, secretly relayed a message to them, advising them to deactivate the environment. Unfortunately, the Clown stopped them and killed Viorsa before they could finish by having him decapitated using a guillotine. In the real world, of course, Viorsa's intense fear caused him to suffer a heart attack.

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