Varria (portrayed by Jane Daly) is a minor character from the Star Trek: TNG episode "The Most Toys". She served as an assistant to the criminal trader and collector Kivas Fajo and aided him in the abduction of Data from the Enterprise so that Fajo could add the android to his collection of unique items. Data refused to cooperate with Fajo and so Fajo threatened to start killing his own servants with a Varon-T disruptor, a particularly devastating hand weapon banned by the Federation. Fearing for her life, Varria decided to help Data escape and requested he help her in kind. The two almost succeeded in stealing a shuttlepod from Fajo's ship, but Fajo was alerted to the escape attempt. As punishment for her betrayal, Fajo shot Varria with his Varon-T pistol. The disruptor's unique effects slowly disintegrated Varria from the inside out.

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