Toyman (Superman Doomsday)
Winslow P. Schott - also known as "Toyman" - is a super-villain in DC Comics and a regular foe of Superman. While he possesses no powers, he does have extraordinary mechanical talents which, coupled with his obsession with toys, have allowed him to produce many deadly robots with which to terrorize Metropolis. Toyman is a psychopath with a pathological hatred of children, focusing many of his crimes on tormenting and murdering children.

Toyman's only movie death to date occurs in the animated feature Superman: Doomsday. He is voiced by John DiMaggio in this film.

Superman: DoomsdayEdit

After the death of Superman, criminals in Metropolis become more bold and crime skyrockets. Toyman, piloting a huge robotic spider, robs a bank and takes a school bus full of children hostage. Lois Lane attempts to save the kids herself but almost ends up being killed. Fortunately, it seems that Superman has risen from the grave and he saves Lois before destroying Toyman's mecha. What no one yet knows is that this Superman is actually a clone created by Lex Luthor.

Toyman is arrested, but he manages to escape from police custody and he invades a daycare center. The police apprehend him again but not before Toyman murders a child. Outraged, Superman decides to ensure that Toyman will never harm anyone ever again. As the police escort the criminal to prison, the dark Superman grabs him, taking him up high in the air... then dropping him. Toyman hits a police car and is killed on impact.

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