Reman viceroy
The Viceroy was Shinzon's second-in-command in Star Trek: Nemesis. He was portrayed by Ron Perlman.


Long before Shinzon's overthrow of the Romulan Empire, the Reman who would later become his Viceroy was a mere slave toiling in the dilithium mines of Remus, sister planet of Romulus. When the young Shinzon was eventually brought to Remus, this man took care of him, protecting him from the Romulan guards and raising him to regard the Remans as his own kind.

In 2379, the Viceroy supported Shinzon in the liberation of the Remans and the assassination of the Romulan Senate. As Shinzon plotted against Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the United Federation of Planets, the Viceroy used his telepathic prowess to help stabilize Shinzon's cellular degradation. He also assisted Shinzon in telepathically raping Counselor Deanna Troi.


During the battle between the USS Enterprise-E and the Scimitar, the Viceroy leads a boarding party over to the Enterprise to capture Captain Picard. Riker and Worf led a security team to engage the Remans and Riker pursued the Viceroy into a Jefferies tube, where they engaged in hand-to-hand combat on deck 29. Fighting on a catwalk suspended over a treacherously deep canyon in the bowels of the ship, both of them nearly fell when the Enterprise collided with the Scimitar. The Viceroy was able to temporarily save himself by grasping onto Riker's legs as Riker clung to the catwalk, but ultimately fell to his death when Riker kicked the Viceroy off of his legs.

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