The Chechen (played by Ritchie Foster) is a Gotham City crime boss who appears in The Dark Knight. His true name is unknown and he is merely identified by his nationality (Chechen Republic). Known as a suave yet vicious drug lord, he kept three Rottweiler dogs - his "little princes" - for protection and to punish those who crossed him.

After a narrow escape from the Batman, the Chechen meets with Gotham's other major crime bosses to discuss the loss of their funds. The meeting is interrupted by the Joker who proposes that they kill off Batman, and the Chechen seems to be the only one who is willing to deal with the clown. Following the capture of Lau by Batman, the Chechen goes ahead and hires the Joker to kill the Dark Knight.


Although the Joker doesn't kill Batman, he does get the mob's money back and cripples Gotham DA Harvey Dent. The Chechen meets with the Joker aboard a container ship where Lau is tied up and lying on an enormous pile of cash. The Chechen agrees to let Joker take half of the money, but instead the psychotic clown soaks the heap of cash with gasoline and burns it (along with Lau). The Joker betrays the Chechen by threatening to cut him up and feed him to his own dogs and the Chechen is last seen being dragged away by his former goons who have now sided with the clown. Whether or not the Chechen was butchered by the Joker isn't verified, but given the Joker's sick penchant for unnecessary violence, he probably was.

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