Tessai is one of the Eight Devils of Kimon in the anime film Ninja Scroll. He is voiced by Ryūzaburō Ōtomo in the Japanese version and Beau Billingslea in English.


Tessai is a massive man who wields an exotic weapon: a lance with both sides ending in large sword blades that he throws like a boomerang. He also possesses the ability to make his skin as hard as stone. He is the first of the Kimon to be defeated by Jubei.

When the Koga ninja team investigate Shimoda Village, Tessai and Yurimaru ambush them in the forest. Tessai cuts several of the ninja to pieces and kills Hanza by ripping off his arms with his bare hands. He knocks out Kagero and takes her back to his den to rape her, but is interrupted by Jubei Kibagami. Jubei rescues Kagero and wounds Tessai by throwing a kunai into the giant's eye. The two ninja escape, but Tessai pursues Jubei.


Tessai catches up with Jubei and the two fight to the death. Tessai's stone skin seems to make him indestructible, but his skin begins to crumble in the middle of battle, an effect of the poison he contracted from Kagero when he attempted to rape her. With his stone skin weakened, Tessai becomes vulnerable to Jubei's attack who slashes across his chest and severs his fingers. Tessai had already thrown his boomerang lance by then and without his fingers he could not catch it when it came back. The lance embedded itself in Tessai's head, killing him.