This article contains details on background characters and extras who die in Terminator 2: Judgment Day.
  • During the Future War scene at the start of the film, at least two Resistance soldiers are gunned down by SkyNet forces.
  • During the war scene, a damaged T-800 reaches for its rifle before a Resistance fighter steps over it and shoots it dead.
  • An Aerial HK machine is shot down by a Resistance rocket launcher during the future war scene.
  • The police officer who investigates the electrical disturbance caused by time displacement is stabbed in the back by the T-1000.
  • A worker at the Galleria is shot dead by the T-1000 when he steps between it and its target John Connor.
  • Max, the Voights' pet German Sheperd, is killed by the T-1000 when it realises it had been tricked by the T-800, who had asked over the phone if "Woofie" was alright since the dog kept barking.
  • A fat security guard at Pescadero is getting a coffee from a vending machine when the T-1000 appears behind him and stabs him in the eye.
  • The driver of a liquid nitrogen tanker is stabbed through the chest by the T-1000.
  • Sarah Connor experiences a nightmare where she witnesses Judgment Day. Los Angeles is destroyed in a nuclear blast and she witnesses a group of children and a mother (who resembles herself) playing in a park who get incinerated by the blast. Sarah herself also dies in the dream, her flesh blasted off her bones by the nuclear explosion.

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