Katase Tatewaki
Tatewaki Katase is a minor character from the first season of Code Geass. A former general of the Japanese military before the Britannian Empire took over the country, he founded the Japan Liberation Front (JLF) to resist Britannia's rule.

Japanese Voice: Takehiro Koyama

English Voice: Skip Stellrecht


In the thirteenth episode "Shirley at Gunpoint", the JLF attempt to make a tactical retreat out of Area 11, taking a large shipment of liquid Sakuradite with them. As they are about to disembark from Port Yokosuka, the Britannian Military intercept them and almost take the ship. However, Zero has planted a bomb beneath the freighter and detonates it remotely, igniting the Sakuradite aboard and obliterating the ship along with Katase and the Britannian troops. Zero tells his Black Knights that the JLF blew themselves up in order to deny the Britannians assets.

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