Tachihara - voiced by Toshihiro Seki in Japanese and Danny Flynn in English - is the leader of the communist terrorist group Red May in the anime OVA Angel Cop. Secretly sponsored by the corrupt politician Maisaka, the Red May's goal was to destabilise the political and economic climate in Japan and turn the country into a communist state. However, Maisaka was only using Tachihara as part of a larger scheme to create supply and demand for illegal arms which he could make a fortune from.

Tachihara himself was well-trained in terrorist tactics and in resisting interrogation, though in the second episode he found himself captured by the Special Security Force and was brutally tortured for days. After he was informed that the Red May had been wiped out by a group of psychic vigilantes, he revealed the truth about Maisaka's H-File.


In the fourth episode, Tachihara was escorted by Hacker and Peace to a secure location, but the three were intercepted on the highway by the Hunter Lucifer. Tachihara was in no shape to fight back or try and escape, and Lucifer killed him by using her telekinesis to crush him against the underside of an overpass.

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