This article lists the various background character deaths that occur in Superman: Doomsday.

  • A LexCorp drilling operation uncovers an alien spacecraft containing the frozen form of the monster known as Doomsday. When the capsule is breached, Doomsday reanimates and breaks out, attacking and killing all other LexCorp workers.
  • Doomsday emerges from the cavern and kills another worker by throwing him into the side of a truck.
  • Doomsday spots a deer near the woods and pounces on it, grabbing it by the antlers and breaking its neck.
  • A farmer is awoken from his sleep by the sound of his dog barking. After the dog suddenly yelps and goes silent, the farmer steps out with a shotgun to investigate. The man finds Doomsday and shoots the creature in the face, but Doomsday is unaffected and pounds the farmer into the ground.
  • Doomsday attacks a gas tanker on a mountain road, pulling the driver out of the cab and throwing him into the forest below.
  • Doomsday reaches Metropolis and is fired on by an army platoon, but the monster bulldozes his way through the blockade and sends several soldiers flying and falling off the Hob's End bridge and into the river.
  • Doomsday grabs a terrified soldier and engulfs his head with one large hand, snapping the soldier's neck.
  • Sometime following Superman's death and subsequent resurrection, Winslow Schott - aka Toyman - attacks a daycare center. The event isn't seen but is reported on the news. Before being arrested, Toyman murdered a child.
  • Lex Luthor's clone of Superman turns against him and destroys his genetic laboratory, killing all of the pre-developed clones still in their breeding tanks.
  • After the Superman clone's apparent murder of Luthor, the military turn up and attempt to pacify the false Man of Steel, knowing full well that they can't actually stop him. The clone responds with deadly force and starts carving up tanks with his heat-ray vision. It is unknown how many soldiers are killed, but it is unlikely that there would be no fatalities.
  • A squadron of jets and choppers attack the Superman clone only to be swiftly destroyed. No parachutes are seen after the aircraft are taken down, so it's probable that none of the pilots survived.

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