Suki Macrae Cantrell (portrayed by Anna Maxwell-Martin) is a character who appears in the Doctor Who episode "The Long Game". Her real name is actually Eva Saint Julienne and she changed her identity in order to board Satellite 5 and expose them for their fabrication of the news. Eva was a member of a group of militant anarchists determined to prove that the Human Empire was being manipulated by outside forces.


Suki's true identity was discovered by The Editor and he had her summoned to Floor 500. Maintaining her cover as an enthusiastic young journalist, Suki headed up to Satellite 5's top floor to meet the Editor and then threatened to expose his corruption to the whole empire. However, she never got the chance to do so as the Editor's superior - the Jagrafess - killed her. The details of Suki's death are not shown on-screen, but her body is reanimated via a chip implant and put to work within the Editor's monitor room.

When the Jagrafess was destroyed, a spark of Suki still existed and stopped the Editor from escaping the carnage, which resulted in both of their destructions.

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