Sugar Watkins
"Sugar" Watkins is a soldier of the United Citizens Federation in Starship Troopers. He is played by Seth Gilliam and was the last character to die in the film.


Sugar Watkins was serving in the Roughnecks at the beginning of the Bug War when the unit seen heavy combat in the outer rings and on Zegema Beach (a popular tourist resort in Federation space) where upon Sugar was wounded across his chest. This left a large scar, however Sugar was soon after returned to active duty and deployed to Klendathu for the upcoming battle. The Roughnecks survived the Battle with minimum casualties and were said to have killed more bugs than any other units combined in that battle. After the battle the Roughnecks are ordered to raid Tango Urilla where upon Sugar shows his absolute hatred of Arachnids when he empties an ammo clip into a dying Warrior bug.


Watkins survived the assault on Whiskey Outpost and became Rico's third-in-command when he took over the Roughnecks. He then accompanied Rico and Ace Levy into "Bug City" to rescue Carmen Ibanez. After being critically wounded, Watkins took Rico's nuke and held off the bugs long enough for the other three to escape its blast.

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