This article contains details of all minor characters that die in Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie.

  • Albert Sellers - Great Britain's Minister of Justice. At the start of the film, he is assassinated by brainwashed Shadaloo agent Cammy White. Cammy flips on to Sellers' shoulders and breaks his neck with a twist.
  • In Calcutta, India, an old prophet is killed by a Shadaloo assassin.
  • The Shadaloo assassin makes a run for a limousine but is shot in the leg by police. As he limps toward his getaway vehicle, the agents inside the limo deem the assassin to be dead weight and one of them guns him down with an Uzi.
  • When Guile and Chun-Li meet Deejay, Chun-Li decapitates a Monitor Cyborg with a powerful kick.
  • M. Bison recalls the memory of killing Chun-Li's father. The brief scene shows a man plummeting to his death from atop a construction site.

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