• The USS Voyager's epic journey across the Delta Quadrant begins after the ship is struck by a massive tetryon wave while searching the Bajoran Badlands for a Maquis vessel. The wave throws Voyager 70,000 light years away from Federation territory, leaving it damaged and a dozen crew members dead, including the chief engineer, chief medical officer, a nurse and a transporter technician.
  • Ensign Stadi - A Betazoid conn officer aboard Voyager, portrayed by Alicia Coppola. She is killed when the Caretaker's displacement wave drags the ship into the Delta Quadrant.
  • Aaron Cavit - Voyager's Starfleet-appointed first officer, portrayed by Scott Jaeck. He was killed during the ship's transition into the Delta Quadrant and his role as first officer would be fulfilled throughout the rest of the series by Chakotay.
  • During a battle between Voyager and a Kazon carrier, a Redshirt on the bridge is killed.
  • Chakotay flies his Maquis raider on a collision course with the Kazon carrier and is beamed over to Voyager just before impact. The carrier is heavily damaged and is sent crashing into one of the arms of the Caretaker's Array.

Ex Post FactoEdit

  • Tolen Ren - Portrayed by Ray Reinhardt. A Banean scientist who is already dead by the episode's beginning. Throughout the episode, an investigation is underway to determine if he was murdered by Tom Paris or killed by the Baneans' enemies, the Numiri. By episode's end, it is revealed that Numiri spies killed Ren and they framed Tom.

State of FluxEdit

  • In the pre-title scene, Chakotay and Seska encounter two Kazon-Nistrim soldiers inside a cave. Chakotay manages to shoot them both but is wounded himself.
  • Voyager re-encounters the Kazon ship they spotted near the planet hours previously. The ship is in distress, but when they arrive, they find that most of its crew are dead following a failed attempt to integrate Federation replicator technology. Several Kazon are found to be partially fused to the inner hull.
  • Maje Culluh and one of his lieutenants are beamed aboard Voyager to meet the lone survivor of the disabled raider who is recovering in sickbay. Culluh's aide brandishes a tiny needle on his ring and injects the patient with a nerve toxin that kills him instantly.

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