Solomon was a homeless man who appeared in the Doctor Who two-part story "Daleks in Manhattan/Evolution of the Daleks". He was the head of a shantytown community called Hooverville located in New York's Central Park during the Great Depression of 1930. He was portrayed by Hugh Quarshie.


Solomon and several other Hooverville residents were offered work by Mr. Diagoras to clear a collapsed sewer tunnel. Having recently arrived in town and investigating a rash of disappearances in the area, The Doctor and Martha Jones accepted the job so that they might find some clues behind the strange happenstances. Solomon accompanied the Doctor and Martha down into the sewers where they encountered the mutant pig-slaves created by the Cult of Skaro which were in hiding beneath the city. They escaped from the brutish creatures, but the Doctor and Martha would venture back down into the sewers again where they discovered the Cult's genetic laboratory and bore witness to the Final Experiment in which Dalek Sec had merged himself with a human, creating a Human-Dalek hybrid.


After the Doctor rescued several human captives from the Cult's laboratory, Daleks Jast and Caan pursued them back to Hooverville and attacked the town. Solomon tried to negotiate with the Daleks, appealing to their emotions, not knowing that Daleks felt no emotion other than hatred. Dalek Caan responded to Solomon's pleas by shooting him dead as the residents of Hooverville looked on in horror.

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