Snails (portrayed by Marlon Wayans) is one of the main protagonists of the film Dungeons & Dragons. A cowardly thief and partner-in-crime of Ridley Freeborn, Snails provides the comic relief of their adventure. The duo attempt to break into the Magic School to steal rare magical items to spite the oppressive Mages that control the land of Izmir. They are caught by the young mage Marina, but the three of them are forced to flee for their lives when the head librarian of the Magic School entrusts Marina with a map that leads to the fabled Rod of Savrille, a magical sceptre that can control dragons.

When Ridley later offers to help Marina find the Rod, Snails tries to act as the voice of reason and convince Ridley to forget about the Rod, but Ridley manages to persuade Snails that the adventure will be worthwhile if they acquire the Rod and any other magical relics that they can sell off later.


Snails makes the ultimate sacrifice when he, Ridley and the elven tracker Norda follow the villainous Damodar back to his camp after he has kidnapped Marina and taken the map to the Rod of Savrille. Snails sneaks into Damodar's chambers and takes back the map, only to be confronted by Damodar himself who pursues him through the castle, cornering him on the roof. Snails attempts to fight back with only a knife, but Damodar is too strong for the thief and easily beats him into submission. When Ridley and the newly-freed Marina catch up to them, Damodar demands that Ridley hand over the Eye of the Dragon, a treasure he had obtained from the Thieves Guild. Snails then throws the rolled-up map to Ridley, prompting Damodar to stab him in the back and then throw his body to the ground below.