Simmons dalek
Simmons (portrayed by Nigel Whitmey) was a minor character from the Doctor Who episode "Dalek". An employee of internet mega-mogul Henry Van Statten, he worked in the former's underground base hidden beneath the salt flats of Utah. There, he carried out research on the various pieces of alien technology that Van Statten had collected. When Van Statten had acquired his one living specimen - a Dalek survivor of the Time War - Simmons was tasked with making the creature talk and took sadistic pleasure in torturing the captive alien.


When Adam Mitchell took Rose Tyler into the Cage to meet the Dalek, Rose touched the creature's mechanical shell, allowing it to absorb her genetic material to regenerate itself. It broke free of its chains and it then faced Simmons, who foolishly taunted it, believing that the Dalek's sucker arm was harmless. He would choke on his hubris when the Dalek shoved its sucker into his face, suffocating him and crushing his skull.

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