Salvatore "Sal" Maroni is a notorious Gotham City crime lord who has appeared in a number of Batman comics and served as a tertiary antagonist in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight, in which he is portrayed by Eric Roberts.


After Carmine Falcone is committed to Arkham Asylum during the events of Batman Begins, Sal Maroni steps up to eventually take his place as the head of the Falcone crime family. Feeling pressured by the activities of both Batman and District Attorney Harvey Dent, Sal and the rest of Gotham's major mob bosses turn to The Joker and hire him to kill the Caped Crusader. Maroni also has a number of cops in Major Crimes under his control and arranges for them to aid in the Joker's scheme to kill Batman and Dent. When the Joker is arrested, Maroni's officers kidnap Dent and his fiance Rachel Dawes and, as per the Joker's plan, leave them tied up in seperate locations that are rigged to explode. Dent is rescued by Batman but is horribly disfigured when the explosion sears off half his face. The police fail to reach Rachel in time and she dies.


Later in the film, Maroni is on his way home to his wife but finds himself sharing a limo with the disfigured Dent/Two-Face. Dent demands that Maroni tell him the name of the cop who escorted Rachel to the scene of her death. Maroni complies, then Two-Face flips his coin to decide the crime boss's fate. The coin comes up good heads. Two-Face flips the coin again and it comes up burnt head, so he shoots Maroni's driver. Dent manages to put his seat belt on just before the limo crashes and Maroni is killed.

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