Ron Davis is a minor character in the CGI film Resident Evil: Degeneration. He was voiced by Masashi Hirose in the Japanese version and Michael Sorich in the English version.


Ron Davis was a United States senator who had previously been a part of the commitee who made the decision to destroy Raccoon City following the 1998 T-virus outbreak. Following the downfall of Umbrella Inc, Davis had approved of human testing by the pharmaceutical group WilPharma to produce a vaccine to the T-virus which had since been distributed worldwide on the bioweapons black market.

In 2005, Senator Davis visited the town of Harvardville but his arrival had been leaked to the media, attracting the attention of protestors from the environmental group Terra-Save. As the senator was escorted through the terminal, a protestor dressed up as a zombie approached him, only to be unmasked by Claire Redfield and arrested by airport security. However, a real zombie appeared moments later and attacked a security guard, infecting him with the T-virus and turning him into a zombie too. The terminal rapidly descended into chaos as zombies began swarming the area and an incoming plane was about to crash into the building. Claire took Senator Davis to the airport VIP lounge along with some other survivors and they remained there until the Special Response Team arrived to secure the terminal.

Special agent Leon Kennedy and SRT members Angela Miller and Greg Glenn later arrived and escorted Davis, Claire and the others out of the terminal, though during their escape the senator made a run for the exit and shoved the young girl Rani Chawla down a collapsed platform and into the zombie-infested lobby. Rani was saved before any harm could come to her and Claire later slapped Davis across the face for his careless actions.


At the end of the film, Davis' dead body sits at his desk with a newspaper covering his face while all of his laptop's data is being erased. Davis was assassinated by an undisclosed party that is not named in the film, but the extra content in the video game Resident Evil 5 reveals that his murder was masterminded by that game's main antagonist, Albert Wesker.

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