Rodrick closer Bad Wolf
Rodrick was a contestant on the game show The Weakest Link in the Doctor Who episode "Bad Wolf". He was portrayed by Paterson Joseph.


Like every other Game Station contestant, Rodrick was forced to play The Weakest Link against his will under the threat of death. Initially helpful to Rose, Rodrick thought she was stupid (he did not know that Rose came from the 21st century and had little general knowledge of the current time period). He strategically voted off all the other players so as to go head to head with Rose and easily defeat her. Rose scored four wrong answers in the final round, Rodrick three and he won 1600 credits.


In the following episode "Parting of the Ways", Rodrick was still on the Game Station when it was invaded by the Daleks. He found himself stranded on Floor 0 with a hundred others, but while everyone else was fearing for their lives, Rodrick refused to believe that the Daleks existed and was only concerned about getting his prize money and going home. When the Daleks boarded the station, many of them headed downwards to Floor 0 in order to exterminate everyone stranded there. Rodrick was killed along with everyone else, still unable to accept the Daleks' existence even as they took his life.

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