This article features details of all the background/minor character deaths that occur in the first Robocop film.

  • During the news announcement at the beginning of the film. three police officers are announced dead during an investigation.
  • When Clarence Boddicker is identified on the news, it is stated that he is responsible for murdering 31 police officers.
  • When Alex Murphy has just arrived at Metro West, Sergeant Warren Reed enters the locker room and announces that injured cop Frank Frederickson died in hospital.
  • City councilman Ron Miller takes the mayor of Old Detroit hostage along with several other people. A news anchorman states that one hostage has already been killed by the time Robocop arrives at the scene.
  • Ron Miller is punched out of a second storey window by Robocop. it is not stated whether he survived or died.
  • Robocop singlehandedly raids a coke factory and kills 17 armed crooks. In his death throes, the last of the crooks fires wildly and guns down drug lord Sal.
  • A news program reports that 113 people are killed in Santa Barbara when an orbital defense laser cannon misfires during startup tests, destroying 10,000 acres of wooded residential land. Among the dead are two former US presidents who are unnamed.
  • At the end of the film, Robocop arrives at the OCP building to confront Dick Jones. Using a Cobra assault cannon, he destroys the ED-209 robot guarding the front door.

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