292px-Rene Picard, 2367

René Picard is the son of Robert Picard and nephew of Captain Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation. He makes his only appearance in the fourth season episode Family, portrayed by David Tristan Birkin.

René and Jean-Luc were very close and the boy admired his uncle, sharing his interest in exploring the stars. As a running joke between the two, René would call his uncle "nephew" and Jean-Luc would call René "uncle".

In Star Trek: Generations, Captain Picard received a message from Earth stating that his brother and nephew had perished in a fire. Picard had always felt that Rene was the closest he would get to having his own child and the tragedy of the boy's loss weighed heavily upon him, stirring feelings of regret that he never tried to continue the Picard family line.

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