Razik (portrayed by Patrick Kilpatrick) is an antagonistic character who appears in the Star Trek: Voyager episode "Initiations". He was the First Maje of the Ogla, a sect of the Kazon Collective. He dispatched the young Kazon Kar to destroy a Federation shuttle manned by Chakotay when that shuttle violated Ogla space, as an opportunity for Kar to earn his Ogla name in battle. Kar failed and his raider was destroyed, but Chakotay spared the boy's life and beamed him on to his shuttle just before the raider exploded. Razik's carrier later captured Chakotay's shuttle and Chakotay was taken prisoner while Kar was reprimanded for not killing the commander. Razik held Kar in contempt and condemned him and Chakotay to death. Later Razik told Chakotay that he would free him, if he killed Kar. Chakotay refused, overpowered Razik and demanded the return of his shuttlecraft. He escaped with Kar.

The following day, Razik's ship encountered Voyager in orbit around Tarok, a moon that supported a Kazon-Ogla training facility. The Kazon feigned cooperation with Captain Janeway, assisting her and her crew in navigating through the many traps and weapons systems littered around the hills where Chakotay and Kar were hiding. Janeway and her team were lured into a forcefield trap and Razik and his men proceeded to the cave where Kar and Razik were hiding. When they entered, they found Kar holding Chakotay at gunpoint. During the time they had spent together, however, Kar had come to realise that Chakotay was not his enemy and that Razik was holding him back. He turned on Razik and shot him dead, thus earning his Ogla name and appointing Razik's second-in-command Haliz to First Maje. Kar then let Chakotay and the Voyager crew go free, warning that they would be enemies if they met again.

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