Rajesh singh
Doctor Rajesh Singh was a human scientist working for the Torchwood Institute in the Doctor Who Series 2 finale, "Army of Ghosts/Doomsday". He was portrayed by Raji James.


In 2007, Dr. Singh worked at Torchwood Tower (Canary Wharf) studying a mysterious giant sphere of extraterrestrial origin. The sphere defied all scientific explanation; although it was visible to all eyes, it exhibited no mass, no weight, and no kind of energy signature. it didn't exist yet it was there for all to see and an invisible force prevented anyone from touching it. It wasn't until the Doctor arrived at Torchwood that Rajesh learned anything about the sphere: it was a Void ship, designed to travel through the blank space between different universes, and the reason it didn't register on any scans was because it was caught within a breach between two parallel worlds. The energy generated by the breach, however, was being harvested by Torchwood as a means of providing free clean energy for the whole of Great Britain, but with each Ghost Shift they initiated, they weakened the barriers between universes. Eventually, this allowed the Cybermen that the Doctor had previously encountered in "Rise of the Cybermen/Age of Steel" to force their way into our world and occupy every landmass on the planet. At the same time the Cybermen entered our world, the Void ship also became fully tangible and opened, revealing a group of Daleks known as the Cult of Skaro.


Rajesh, Rose Tyler and Mickey Smith were trapped in the Sphere Chamber with the Daleks who demanded information about current Earth history. Rajesh offered to tell Dalek Sec whatever he wanted to know provided it wouldn't compromise homeland security, but Sec and the others simply extracted Rajesh's brainwaves. The Daleks used their plunger-shaped manipulator arms to completely envelop Singh's head, causing him great pain. The vacuum force of the Daleks' arms was so strong that when they let go, Rajesh had been reduced to a dessicated husk.

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