Quark (mirror)
Quark is a Ferengi bartender who owns and operates his own bar & grill and gambling establishment aboard Deep Space 9 in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. As is common for the Ferengi race, he is a greedy, conniving man who is constantly lying and scheming his way through business in order to earn the highest profit. He is portrayed by Armin Shimmerman.

Quark of the Mirror UniverseEdit

In the DS9 episode "Crossover", Dr. Julian Bashir and Major Kira Nerys somehow end up in a parallel universe after traversing the Bajoran Wormhole. They arrive at Terok Nor, an alternate version of their Deep Space 9, where they meet several counterparts of people from their own universe, including Quark.

Quark still runs a bar on Terok Nor, though he is a more compassionate man than his prime counterpart. He discretely aids several Terran (human) labourers stow away aboard outbound ships and Major Kira tries to convince him to help her and Dr. Bashir escape. Unfortunately, Alliance official Gul Garak has caught on to Quark's activities and has him interrogated. After being brought before Terok Nor's intendant, this universe's own Kira Nerys, she orders Quark's execution, though she "mercifully" grants him a quick death. Quark is then dragged away for his execution, which is not shown on-screen.

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