"The doctor... is in." - Dr. Channard (after becoming a Cenobite)

Dr. Phillip Channard is a malevolent psychiatrist and one of the antagonists of Hellbound: Hellraiser II. Unknown to the public, he is fascinated by the concept of Hell and is aware of the Lament Configuration, apparently having studied its history for years before the events of the film. He used his profession with his obsession to unlock the secrets of the Cenobites and Hell itself, by using his own patients in experiments to try and decode the unknown world of Hell.

Dr. Channard is portrayed by Kenneth Cranham.


When Kirsty Cotton is admitted to the Channard Institute, Dr. Channard asks her several questions about her experience. This is when Channard learns about the mattress that Kirsty's step-mother Julia had died upon. The doctor then secretly arranges for the police to give him the mattress and he has it brought to his house. He later brings one of his more unstable patients home and uses him in a twisted experiment.

Channard tells Mr. Browning to sit on the mattress and then gives the unfortunate schizophrenic a razor so that he may harm himself. Browning starts cutting himself and his blood causes Julia to return from Hell, erupting from the mattress and consuming the deranged patient.

Channard then helps Julia to heal by abducting people - presumably patients from his hospital - and bringing them home for Julia to murder and consume. In return, Julia helps Channard solve the Lament Configuration puzzle using the young girl Tiffany, and the two venture into Hell. Channard is brought before Leviathan and forced into a twisted coffin-shaped machine that transforms him into a Cenobite.

Channard cenobite

"I recommend... amputation!"

The Doctor emerges from the device and then stalks Kirsty and Tiffany. Kirsty and Tiffany make their escape back to the hospital but the Channard Cenobite finds them and gives chase. Kirsty encounters Pinhead, Butterball, Chatterer, and the Female Cenobite. Kirsty gives Pinhead the picture of Elliot Spencer and reminds them that they were all human at one time, until pain got the better of them. The Channard Cenobite arrives to capture Tiffany, while the remaining Cenobites all choose to protect Kirsty. Pinhead attacks Channard with chains but the doctor repels them with his tentacles and razors. Channard then begins shooting spears and kills the other three Cenobites (reverting them back to human form) and turns Pinhead's face into his human form, Elliot. Elliot smiles at Kirsty and allows her to escape before Channard slits his throat.


Tiffany tries to solve the puzzle, but Channard interferes and attacks both girls. Kirsty retreats. As Channard proceeds to stalk Tiffany, Julia reappears and distracts him long enough for Tiffany to solve the puzzle. As he tries to kill Tiffany, the Channard Cenobite is decapitated.

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