Peter Alan Tyler was the father of Rose Tyler in Doctor Who. He was portrayed by Shaun Dingwall.


Peter Tyler was a jack-of-all-trades and a budding entrepreneur, constantly involved in many money-making schemes, from selling flavoured health drinks to trying to market solar power panels. Most of these schemes were unsuccessful, however, leading to tension in his marriage to Jackie, Rose's mother. Jackie also accused Pete of cheating on her on a few occasions.

Pete died on November 7th 1987 after being struck down by a hit-and-run driver. Originally, he had died alone before an ambulance arrived. In the episode "Father's Day", Rose asks The Doctor if she can see her father before his death as she never got to know him while growing up. She wished to be with him when he died, but could not bring herself to approach him after he got run down. The Doctor allows Rose to try again despite the danger of two sets of them being in the same time and place, and this time Rose actually saves her father's life. By saving Pete and allowing her earlier self to see her, Rose greatly damages the timeline which causes creatures called Reapers to come into being. The Reapers go about sterilising the wound in time by consuming everything in sight.

Pete figured out Rose was his daughter. When he heard what an ideal father he had been, he realised she was lying to cover up the fact he was supposed to be dead. Rose awakened Pete's paternal instincts. To save everyone and restore history, he deliberately stepped in front of the car that should have killed him, dismissing the Reapers and putting time back on track. History did change to a small extent. This time the driver did not flee the scene and Rose was there to hold his hand while he was dying. Pete died with a smile while looking on his daughter's face.

Parallel WorldEdit

A parallel version of Peter Tyler existed in an alternate universe that would later be dubbed "Pete's World". This version of Pete was a successful businessman and a millionaire, and although his marriage lasted, he and Jackie never had any children. This version of Pete would encounter the Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler when they found themselves stranded on his world in the episode "Rise of the Cybermen".

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