Lieutenant Peter Durst was a junior-grade Starfleet operations officer aboard the USS Voyager in Star Trek: Voyager. He is also the first of Voyager's crew to die following the ship's initial transition into the Delta Quadrant. Durst was portrayed by Brian Markinson.


In the first season episode "Faces", Durst, Tom Paris and B'Elanna Torres are surveying magnesite deposits on the planet Avery III when they are captured by the Vidiians, a group of disease-ravaged aliens known to harvest the organs and tissues of other beings in order to treat themselves. Initially Durst was to be used as slave labour within the Vidiian facility, but the chief surgeon Sulan selected Durst for organ harvesting.

Durst is killed off-screen, his organs harvested for the Vidiians to transplant into their own people. Sulan, however, decides to graft Durst's face over his own deformed visage in order to look more appealing to B'Elanna Torres. This attempt was futile and Torres was merely disgusted further.

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