Sotd pete


is a roommate of Shaun and Ed in the comedy-horror Shaun of the Dead. He is the most straight-laced of the three, wound tight, hard-working and irritable. While he does have a lighter side, such as in his college years or spending a memorable all-nighter with Shaun and Ed drinking apple schnapps and playing Tekken 2, he can be seen as the most mature adult in the house. While lenient with Shaun, Pete is much more intolerant and indeed hateful of Ed. He is played by Peter Serafinowicz.

At the beginning of the movie, Pete is reaching the end of his tether with Ed since he brings no money in apart from dealing drugs and left the front door open again the previous night. He tasks Ed with taking messages and cleaning up while he and Shaun are at work, and later finds himself having to work the next day since everyone in his department is ill. To make matters worse, he is attacked by what he believes to be crackheads on the way home, bitten by one of them, and dealing with a splitting headache in the wee hours of the morning. A drunk Shaun and Ed playing loud electro music touches his last nerve and he loses his temper completely, trying to hit Ed, lashing out at Shaun and ranting about how the door's been left open again. 

The next morning, as the undead begin to wander around London in droves, Pete dies and reanimates in the shower. Shaun comes across the nude zombified Pete in the shower while preparing to borrow his car and go retrieve Barbara and Liz and quietly retreats as Pete advances upon him. Pete stumbles out of the house in pursuit and later finds his way to the Winchester, now under siege from a massive horde of zombies. Pete finds his way in and grabs Ed, biting him in the arm while another zombie goes for his neck. He is diverted by Shaun yelling his name and is finally put down with a bullet to the brain and final roar of 'I said leave him alone,' from Shaun.

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