Peggy hamill

Peggy Hamill (played by Lisa K. Wyatt) is a character from the 2010 remake of The Crazies. She is the wife of Rory Hamill, who was shot by David Dutton early in the film. After the shooting, Peggy and her son Curt (played by Justin Welborn) meet with David at the funeral parlour and Peggy expresses her anger over David's seemingly callous action.

Later in the film, Peggy is infected with the Trixie virus and goes insane. When David, Judy, Russell and Becca arrive at the Duttons' house for supplies, Peggy and Curt ambush Judy in the bedroom of her unborn baby, tying her up and threatening to kill her. When David enters the room moments later, Peggy and Curt knock him down. As he reaches for his dropped gun, Peggy stabs David's hand while Curt tries to choke him with rope.

David urges Peggy to leave Judy alone, that he is the object of her rage. As Peggy trains David's gun on him, David manages to overpower Curt, pulls the knife out of the floor and stabs Peggy in the neck. The enraged Curt tries to attack again, but is shot by Russell who shoots from outside through the window.

When Russell comes inside, he sees that Peggy is still gurgling blood and makes sure she stays down by shooting her several times in the head.

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