380549-angel cop hacker peace super

Peace (right) working with Hacker (left)

Peace is a member of the Special Security Force in the anime OVA Angel Cop. The youngest member of the group, she is usually partnered up with Hacker, whom she is attracted to. She is voiced by Rei Sakuma in the Japanese version and by Barbara Barnes in the English dub.


In the OVA's fourth episode, Peace and Hacker are taking the captive Tachihara to a safe house when a number of accidents occur on the highway. These are no accidents, however. The Hunter known as Lucifer is pursuing them with the intention of killing them all. When she catches up to them, Lucifer grabs Peace and reads her mind, discovering that she's in love with Hacker. She toys with them before she kills them, stripping Peace and molesting her in front of Hacker. Hacker tries to help Peace but Lucifer's telekinesis holds him in place and wrecks his weapons. After raping Peace's mind, Lucifer drops her body to the floor.

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