This article contains details of all the various background character deaths that occur in the Japanese animated film Ninja Scroll.
  • After the title, we are shown the small village of Shimoda which has been ravaged by a plague, killing the entire population. Everywhere, the bodies of men, women and children alike lie rotting in the sun.
  • One girl from Shimoda remains somewhat alive and is manipulated from the shadows by Shijima, who uses her to spread fear of the plague to a neighbouring village, urging its inhabitants to evacuate. After delivering the message, the girl collapses dead in the street.
  • When the Koga ninja are sent out to investigate Shimoda, they are ambushed in the forest by the Devils of Kimon. Hanza's lieutenant goes back to find out why some of the ninja haven't caught up and finds one slumped over dead on a tree branch and several others lying dead on the ground. He is then ambushed by Yurimaru who wraps a steel wire around his neck and electrocutes him.
  • Six more Koga ninja are cut to pieces by Tessai's huge boomerang sword.
  • Jubei enters a shrine where he meets an elderly priestess offering prayer to the deceased plague victims. She appears to threaten Jubei, but a second look reveals that she is not who she appears to be. The woman convulses violently as dozens of snakes suddenly rip out of her skin.
  • In a flashback to Jubei's past, Jubei recalls being betrayed by the other ninja hired by the Shogunate. In this flashback, we see him fight with the other ninja and kill them before ambushing Himuro Gemma and decapitating him.
  • Yurimaru electrifies the river that Jubei, Kagero and Dakuan are traversing. The heroes survive this attack, though the fish in the river all end up going belly-up.
  • When Jubei and Kagero approach Kashima, they find the town deserted. The townsfolk all fled after a single horse was killed by the Kimon's poison.
  • The trio is attacked by Shijima, but Jubei's Wind Slash cuts through the Kimon demon's illusions and severs his leg. As Shijima hops away, Jubei pursues but loses him, finding only a dead dog at the end of the trail of blood.
  • When Gemma reveals himself to Kagero, Jubei charges in and begins cutting down Gemma's men in rage.
  • As the Toyokomi clan's ship sets sail, Gemma reveals his plan to the Toyokomi retainer of using the plundered gold to fund his own ninja army. The retainer tries to execute Gemma, but he is too strong and throws the retainer overboard.
  • After boarding Gemma's ship, Jubei cuts down two ninja as he searches for Gemma.

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