Mr. Kinney (portrayed by Kevin Page) was a member of Omni Consumer Products' executive board in the first Robocop film. When Dick Jones unveiled the new ED-209 robot to the board, Kinney volunteered to help demonstrate ED-209's capability for vocal threats, brandishing a gun and mock-threatening the robot with it. ED-209 ordered Kinney to drop his weapon and he did so, but something went wrong with the machine's programming and it failed to recognise Kinney's surrender, continuing to count down until it was "authorized to use deadly force". Kinney panicked and pleaded the other executives to help him, moving across the board room to get out of ED-209's line of sight, but the robot maintained its aim on him. After counting down, the robot opened fire with both its cannons and shot Kinney to pieces. Even after Kinney's body collapsed over the Delta City diorama, ED-209 continued shooting the corpse until the technicians pulled out its control board. After the commotion, someone called for a paramedic, despite the fact that Kinney was well beyond saving.

Robocop Mr Kinney VS Ed 209

Robocop Mr Kinney VS Ed 209.