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Welcome to the Movie Morgue WikiEdit

The Movie Morgue is a database compiling movie characters that have died and the circumstances behind their deaths. Deaths featured in any film or TV show are welcome, whether they be tragic or hilarious, subtle or violent, epic or just plain meaningless. So come on down and rack up the bodies! Be warned, though... This wiki is not for the faint of heart or weak of stomach.

Announcements Edit

To the user or users who keep copypasting Power Rangers content on this wiki: Just. Stop.

Every couple of months I find Power Rangers-related pages that have been blatantly ripped off of other sites (and not very well since [edit] markers and image links are often still included) keep reappearing here. As far as I'm concerned, nothing from the Power Rangers TV shows belongs here as the only characters to die in these shows are the monsters of the week and they all tend to get killed off in the same way. The only PR content I will allow is from the 2017 film, and even then only when it hasn't been copied from another wiki. Anyone who posts any further content from the TV shows will be immediately banned. - Devo DrakeFox (10/12/2017)

Latest activityEdit

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