Mitchell Laurio (portrayed by Ty Olsson) is a minor character from X-Men 2. He works as a security guard at the plastic prison where Magneto is being held since his attack on Liberty Island in the first film. Laurio is responsible for bringing Magneto his meals and, when necessary, delivering harsh beatings when his prisoner does not cooperate.

One night while off-duty, Laurio is approached in a bar by a girl named Grace who buys him a drink and offers him sex. What Laurio doesn't realize is that Grace is actually the shape-shifting mutant Mystique and she spikes his beer, knocking him out whilst in the bathroom and taking the opportunity to inject him with a high amount of liquid iron.

When Laurio goes into work the next day, Magneto detects the heavy iron content in his blood and uses his magnetic power to extract it from Laurio's body. The iron is forcefully pulled out through Laurio's skin and he is killed in the process. Magneto then uses the extracted iron as his tool to escape from prison.

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