Michael Webb
Michael Webb (portrayed by Bill Smitrovich) was a guest character from the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine two-part episode "Past Tense". An Earth citizen of pre-Starfleet history, he was once the manager of a chemical plant until heavy cutbacks cost him his job, forcing him to be relocated to a Sanctuary District, a large organised slum area packed with the unemployed, homeless and mentally ill. He had a wife and two children, a son named Danny and a daughter named Jeannie.

Webb asked Benjamin Sisko and Julian Bashir, who had been transported by accident to his time period from the 24th century, to help him improve the living conditions in the community. When riots broke out, Webb became one of its leaders, but wished to reason with the authorities. Webb met with the authorities and demanded that all Sanctuary Districts be closed and the Federal Employment Act be reinstated. The authorities ordered troops to retake the Sanctuary. Webb tried to protect the hostages and take them into a safe area of the centre, but was shot dead by a SWAT team.

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