Metallo is a supervillain from DC Comics and a long-time enemy of Superman. Originally a criminal by the name of John Corben, he was turned into a powerful killer cyborg after being mortally injured. Now more machine than man and powered by a chunk of kryptonite, Metallo is a perfect living weapon designed to destroy the Man of Steel.

To date, Metallo's only movie death has occurred in Superman/Batman: Public Enemies. He is voiced by John C. McGinley in this feature.

Superman/Batman: Public EnemiesEdit

When President Lex Luthor meets with Superman in order to recruit his aid in stopping a kryptonite meteor from colliding with Earth, he brings Metallo along as his bodyguard. A fight ensues between the two adversaries which takes them into a graveyard, but the arrival of Batman levels the playing field as Batman is not vulnerable to kryptonite like Superman is. Nevertheless, Metallo appears to be victorious in this fight after he shoots Superman with a kryptonite bullet then buries him and Batman together. Of course, the two heroes survive and manage to escape to the Batcave through the Gotham sewers.

After returning to the Batcave, Batman and Superman watch a news report in which Lex Luthor announces that Metallo is dead, showing the first moments of his fight with Superman which were recorded discreetly and used to portray Superman as a possible threat to the United States and the world at large. The Man of Steel and the Dark Knight later sneak into STAR Labs to examine Metallo's remains and discover that the cyborg was destroyed by an intense radiation blast. Since Superman has no radioactive abilities, he couldn't have been responsible. It is later discovered that Major Force killed Metallo on Luthor's orders as part of a scheme to discredit Superman in the eyes of the public.

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