Max Capricorn as he appears in adverts for Capricorn Cruiseliners

Max Capricorn was the villain of the Doctor Who Christmas special "Voyage of the Damned". He was the Chairman of Max Capricorn Cruiseliners and owner of the starliner Titanic, which he used in a scheme to take revenge against the board of directors who cast him out of his own company. On advertisements displayed aboard the Titanic, Max appeared as a middle-aged male humanoid with no hair and a gold tooth that gleamed when he smiled. When revealed in person, he turned out to be a cyborg, no more than a head attached to a mechanical box on wheels. He was portrayed by George Costigan.


Max Cyborg

The cyborg Max Capricorn (Yes, the tooth really does that)

After having spent a hundred seventy-six years working for his company, only to be kicked out by his own board, he sabotaged Titanic's voyage so he could get revenge on his company for discrimination of his cyborg status. He used the Heavenly Host to damage the Titanic and kill the crew, leaving no witnesses. He planned to turn the Titanic into a giant bomb heading for Earth. When the board members of his company were accused of mass murder, they would be removed, after which he would retire to Penhaxico II.


Max's plan was foiled by Astrid Peth, who used a forklift to lift his entire cybernetic casing and throw him over the side of one of the Titanic's platforms. During the struggle, one of the Host cut the brakes of the forklift with its razor-sharp halo. Max and Astrid tumbled into the flaming engines far below.

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