Marla Maples (portrayed by Megan Fahlenbock) is a minor character from Resident Evil: Apocalypse. When the T-virus spread through Raccoon City, she and her fellow office worker Angus Mackenzie fled the growing legions of zombies together, but Marla was soon abandoned by Angus and left to die in an overrun office block. She ascended to the roof of the building but was bitten by a zombie as she struggled to open the door to the roof. As she opened the door and ran out on to the roof, the zombies pursued her to the edge. An Umbrella chopper manned by Carlos Olivera passed overhead and Carlos and his squad jumped down to save Marla. Carlos dispatched the zombies and tried to reassure Marla that she was going to be okay. Marla knew she was going to turn into a zombie, however, and so chose to take her own life rather than become one of them. She stepped off the edge of the roof and plummeted to her death.

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