Mark (portrayed by Noah Huntley) is a survivor of the Rage epidemic that has wiped out Great Britain in 28 Days Later. He appears along with Selena when they find Jim running from a mob of Infected and they come to his rescue, dispatching Jim's pursuers with petrol bombs.

Later, after taking shelter in an abandoned underground train station, Mark and Selena explain to Jim what has happened and accompany him to his parents' home in Deptford the next day. Jim is devastated to find that his parents had taken their own lives by overdosing on pills, but Mark tells him that he ought to be grateful that they died peacefully rather than suffer the infection or the chaos it wrought. Mark goes on to explain how he lost his own family at Paddington Station, overwhelmed by crowds of panicked citizens as well as the Infected.


5) Movie CLIP - Mark Is Infected (2002) HD

5) Movie CLIP - Mark Is Infected (2002) HD

The survivors spend the night at Jim's house, staying together in the living room for security. However, Jim lights a candle which attracts a pair of Infected who break in through the window. Mark and Selena dispatch their attackers, but Mark is cut during the struggle and infected blood seeps into the wound, dooming him to become one of them. Selena wastes no time in putting Mark down before he can turn, hacking him to death with a machete.