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Clifford Zmeck - also known as Major Force - is a DC Comics supervillain and the arch-enemy of Captain Atom. Formerly a Major in the United States Air Force, he was convicted of murder and sentenced to life imprisonment. Project Atom gave him a chance to be pardoned, so Zmeck volunteered to be subjected to experimentation and was given a triple layer of an alien metal coating his body to protect him before being subjected to a nuclear blast. The "Major Force Project" was deemed a failure after Zmeck was apparently killed in the blast. In truth, the force of the explosion had catapulted him into the quantum field and shot him decades forward in time. Zmeck re-entered the timestream and found that the alien metal was now fused to his body, giving him superhuman powers of energy manipulation, flight and even immortality.

Major Force's only movie death occurs in Superman/Batman: Public Enemies. He is voiced by Ricardo Chavira in the film.

Superman/Batman: Public EnemiesEdit

Force's role in the film is very similar to that of the comic which the film is based on. He is part of a metahuman task force assembled by President Lex Luthor, along with his arch-rival Captain Atom. He personally kills Metallo in order to frame Superman. It is hinted that he knew firsthand about Lex Luthor's plans for world domination and deliberately kept it a secret in exchange for Luthor allowing him to kill Metallo (something Batman makes note of). In the end, he is killed when Captain Atom succeeds in absorbing all the radiation that leaked out of a hole in his suit, which otherwise would have destroyed Metropolis. Given that Force is living energy, his fate is uncertain.

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