Major Cooper is a minor character in George Romero's Day of the Dead. His death is not shown onscreen, but his fate is revealed in graphic detail.

Major Cooper is initially in charge of the military group assigned to protect the scientists trying to find a cure to the zombie epidemic. While he is regarded as 'an asshole' by Fisher, he is also regarded as 'a sweetheart' next to his successor, Captain Rhodes. In the beginning of the film, Cooper has been killed by Dr. Logan to be used in his experiments to understand the zombies' physiology. The men are unaware of this, despite burying what they thought was his body when it was actually one of Logan's previous specimens.

The majority of Cooper's head is stripped away leaving only the brain and spinal column, and Logan wires the core of the brain up to a machine to prove that the corpse still has motor function, before his experiments become even more macabre.

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