Maggie is a minor character in The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions. She is portrayed by Essie Davis.


Little is known about Maggie as she has only a short amount of screen-time. She serves as the medic aboard the Zion hovercraft Mjolnir (aka Hammer) and was responsible for taking care of Neo after he and the Nebuchadnezzar crew were rescued after the ship was destroyed at the end of Reloaded. Along with Neo, she also treated Bane, a crew member from the Caduceus.


After Bane regained consciousness, Maggie was ordered by Captain Roland to question him regarding the destruction of the Caduceus. What no one knew was that Bane had been possessed by Smith, who was determined to hunt down and kill Neo. While being examined, Bane took a scalpel and stabbed Maggie, leaving her to die on the medbay floor.

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